Photographic image of a national park scenic view. To the left foreground are a few tall, thin, evergreen trees. In the centre background and moving towards the right mid-ground is a snow-capped mountain range that lead down to an alpine lake. A forest of evergreen trees lines the lakeshore on the right-hand side.
This is an faded image of the map of Canada,  with the words "Parks Accessibility Conference 2022".


Bringing Together People with a Desire to Improve Accessibility at National Parks

Our 2022 conference took place from August 23-25, 2022. See you in 2023!

You can view past conference streams below! We have also uploaded individual speaker presentations on the speaker bio page.

Day 3 English

Day 3 French

Day 2 English

Day 2 French

Day 1 English

Day 1 French

These are two logos for The Engineering Health Team (top) and KITE UHN (bottom).